Video Surveillance Camera Systems in Yorba Linda, CA and all of Orange County

Recently, there has been a crime spree in Yorba Linda, CA. If you are active in the community at all, or even if you follow the “Yorba Linda News You Can Use” Facebook page, you know that robberies, car break-ins, and theft are happening left and right throughout the upscale, quiet community. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you install a video surveillance system at your Yorba Linda business.

Community Commercial security has over 35 years of experience specializing in consulting, designing, installing, and maintaining video surveillance systems, especially in the Yorba Linda area.

We service a wide range of industries, including but definitely not limited to: hospitals and health care facilities; preschools, grade schools, and universities; restaurants; small and large retail stores; and non-profit organizations.

We understand that a video surveillance system has an effect on every employee, every customer or client, and every outside vendor that steps foot in your facility. That’s why we want to make your business security system one that is safe, innovative, intelligent, and catered to your specific needs.

Video surveillance camera systems provide protection in and around the premises of your facility. Ensure that your property, employees, and assets are protected with a CCTV system.

What can a video surveillance system do for your Yorba Linda, CA business?

  • Protect your assets
  • Deter theft and shoplifting—both internally and externally
  • Deter vandalism
  • Increase the safety of your employees
  • Monitor who’s coming and going
  • Reduce fraudulent liability claims
  • Lower your insurance premiums
  • Have a digitally stored copy of all incidents occurring on your property
  • Can be used jointly with access control cards (if you place a camera wherever there is an access controlled door, you will always know who was coming and going, if employees are “lending” their cards to other people, etc).

Keeping your facility safe is our business. With the recent crime spree in Yorba Linda, now is not the time to put off installing a video surveillance system.

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