Using CCTV Protection for Seniors

Senior woman using a security chain on front doorUsing CCTV Protection for Seniors

Making the decision as to how to care for your loved one when they start to need more assistance can be difficult. Do you let them remain independent or do you place them in a facility? While both have their benefits and consequences, there’s a way that you can have the best of both worlds: using closed-circuit television to monitor your loved one and keep them safe while they remain independent.

You can keep the video cameras discreet so they won’t be constantly reminded that you’re keeping an eye on them. There are more options than just the bulky cameras on the streets or the domes in businesses. For example, there are cameras that are similar to the nanny-cams that can be hidden in small pieces of furniture.

These discreet cameras will help you keep an eye on your loved one to make sure they’re safe. This will give you peace of mind knowing they’re okay, while simultaneously letting them remain independent and giving them a sense of normalcy.

One issue that seniors face is that of burglars. When thieves notice an elderly person’s home, they think it’s an easy target. With cameras, you can keep an eye on the perimeter of the house as well as the interior for any suspicious activity.

Safety doesn’t just extend to physical safety, though. Alzheimer’s and Dementia can create a dangerous living situation for your loved one, and unfortunately these diseases are very common among older Americans. Those that suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia have been known to accidentally leave on a burner or an oven, which can start a fire. They’ve also been known to just leave their house and wander outside.

With a security camera installed, you can monitor your loved one to make sure they are always safe, whether that be from themselves or others.

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