Upgrading Your Door Security

Female hand putting house key into door lock

Upgrading Your Door Security

Whether it’s your business or your home, break-ins are an invasion of privacy and can be financially devastating. While hopefully it won’t ever be a problem, there are a couple ways you can improve your physical door security in order to prevent thieves from entering, just in case. Upgrading the locks on your doors are an easy and fairly cheap way to keep intruders away.

Here are a few ways you can upgrade the security of your doors:

  • Security strike plates: The little metal part of your door frame that holds the door lock is called the strike plate, and is the most vulnerable part of your door. If the strike plate isn’t functioning properly, the lock won’t hold and someone can break in. Strike plates should be made to hold a great amount of force in a small area, but unfortunately many strike plates aren’t made well enough. Security strike plates enforce the strength of your strike plate and make your door tougher to break.
  • Longer hinge screws: The longer the screw holding your door hinge in place, the stronger your door will be. Removing the hinges and hanging the door can be complex, so your best bet will be to hire someone to ensure it’s hung properly.
  • Peepholes: Peepholes are an easy way to upgrade the security of your door, especially if it’s in your home or a back entrance to your business. It can help your employees know who they are opening the door for before it’s opened.
  • Letter box cage: Many businesses and home are fitted with a letter box, but this can be a serious point of weakness in doors. A mere wire hanger can be inserted through the letterbox to lift keys or other valuables kept by the door. A letterbox cage can help keep intruders out.
  • Deadbolt locks: Deadbolts are the safest, easiest part of door security. A good deadbolt contains a disc that can’t be picked open and requires a key that is often patented by the security company, making the security even higher.

If you’re unsure about how to upgrade your door, or want a free risk assessment to see how your home or business security can be improved, call Community Commercial Security at (714) 777-6132 or contact us.

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