The Dynamic Duo: Video Surveillance and Access Control

Man entering security code to unlock the doorThe Lowdown on Video and Access Control

Both surveillance and access control can provide a good amount of security on their own, but coupled together they can provide the highest of security essentials for your business.

Access control is exactly as it sounds: controlling and keeping record of exactly who enters your business and when. Whether it’s a special key card or a code for each employee, access control can help you keep an eye on who is where. If you start to notice inventory missing, you can see which employee has been in that room and at what time.

Video surveillance is the eye that you wish you were able to keep on your business at all times. Surveillance cameras can keep an eye either on both the interior and exterior of your business to monitor who might be getting unauthorized entry. If the right kind of camera is placed in the right spot, it can help you watch for any suspicious activity. Depending on the surveillance system, you can even access the video from home and keep an eye on what’s happening when you aren’t there.

Combined, the two are a force to be reckoned with. For example, if a bunch of inventory went missing, you can see who entered that room after hours. If you see it’s an employee’s card, you can verify using your video surveillance whether it was actually them or whether their code or card had been compromised.

Together, video surveillance and access control make for a full, 360-degree view of your business at all times. It ensures the highest of security, which is important to keep both your product and your employees completely safe.

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