The Best Security Systems for Commercial Buildings

Denying the need for a commercial security system is opening oneself up to many infractions from both inside and outside of the building. Theft, vandalism, shrinkage, and employee misconduct can all devastate your business. Community Commercial Security has nearly 20 years of experience in consulting with clients, evaluating their needs, and installing the best business security systems on the market.

-Theft or Intrusion Systems: Consider what your company needs to protect its assets from the threat of burglary and vandalism. A commercial security system should be created with the specific needs of your company in mind, and Community Commercial Security will do just that. Putting in place the best business security system and having access to Community Commercial Security’s skilled staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will keep your business safe.
Theft or Intrusion Systems:
• Enhance your overall security by focusing on specific areas in your building.
• Improve security by reacting to even the slightest movements.
• Detect if any windows or doors are broken in the building.
• Notify you if an intruder is anywhere near the perimeter of your building—before they have a chance to break and enter.

-Access Control Systems: No matter the size of your company or facility, Community Commercial Security can design a commercial security system that best fits your needs. You can choose from web-based, multi-site solutions, PC-based solutions best suited for small to mid-sized companies, photo identification enhancement, and remote administration, amongst many other options.
Access Control Systems allow you to:
• Assign keycards to authorized personnel, preventing unwanted entry into your facility.
• Maintain a safe and positive environment for both employees and customers.
• Review employee hours and attendance with just the swipe of a keycard.
• Limit or prevent access to high-security areas.
• Save money by not needing to re-key each time an employee leaves or is terminated.

-Video Surveillance or CCTV: video surveillance systems (or closed circuit television) aren’t a one-size-fits-all security solution that can be bought at an electronics store. In order to best serve your business, your commercial security system needs to fit your facility today while being capable of adapting and growing with you in the future.
Video surveillance systems allow you to:
• View any events that have taken place within your facility, giving you the power to keep your business, employees, and assets safe.
• Minimize the instances of suspicious behavior or violence in your workplace; security cameras make employees less likely to act unethically.
• Lower your insurance and liability risk by identifying fraudulent injury claims.

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