What Small Businesses look for in Security

Theft of merchandise, break-ins and vandalism are some of the most important concerns in small businesses, and certain precautions need to be taken to avoid them.

In a survey conducted by Harris Polls, they asked 712 small business owners about their top security concerns. In their research, they found that video surveillance comes across as the most important security measure that helps relieve the stress of theft, vandalism and break-ins. Of the businesses surveyed, 66 percent believed video surveillance to be beneficial, and not without cause.

New security systems are starting to be bundled together to give the small business more than just a camera and monitor. Technologies are now able to send owners alerts if there is any sort of suspicious activity caught on tape, eliminating the labor costs needed to watch the monitors.

Instead of having someone keep eyes on the monitor at all times, the system will just send a quick message to alert the owner of any activity, whether that be a scheduled delivery at a delivery entrance or something more malicious, like vandalism or a break-in.

Additionally, businesses reported in the survey that they don’t just care about the security, but also about knowing what’s happening in the store. With the new security systems, they can get a new, interesting type of information. This information can consist of things like the store’s demographics and the use of heat maps to see the high-traffic areas of the store.

At Community Commercial Security, we want to keep your business safe. We offer surveillance cameras and closed-circuit television that protects against any unauthorized entry. We can customize the alarm and system to cater to your own needs, to make sure your business is safe without breaking the budget. With that system comes around-the-clock monitoring and customer service.

To schedule an evaluation or risk assessment, visit www.comcomsecurity.com or call (714) 777-6132.

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