What Your Small Business Security Needs

Small Business Owner Green Road Sign with Dramatic Butts and Sky.Small Business Security

As of 2011, the United States alone had over 26 million businesses, and of those businesses 99 percent had 500 employees or fewer. The government calls these small businesses, and they’re just as important as large ones.

Unfortunately, small businesses are definitely more vulnerable to security threats like theft and burglary. A thief is much more likely to target a smaller business than a huge corporate business, and there are a few reasons why:

  • Resources: Smaller businesses don’t have the resources (aka time and money) that larger corporations do. Especially with start-up companies, focus becomes more on starting the business than protecting it.
  • Awareness: Many small businesses don’t take action about their security system until they’ve already had a break-in, and then it might be too late. A lot of businesses also don’t know enough information about how to protect their specific kind of business.
  • Management: Small businesses oftentimes don’t have one specific person to look after the security of their building and product. A lot of times it’s beneficial to designate or hire one employee to keep an eye on security to make sure the building is secure.
  • Solutions: Security solutions with bigger companies have had the chance to be tested and targeted repeatedly. That isn’t always an option with smaller businesses, and even if it was, the mass scale of corporate security systems isn’t always able to accomodate smaller businesses.

Your business deserves a security system that fits your business. At Community Commercial Security, we don’t want your business to ever be at risk for a break-in. If you think your small business should be upgraded to the security system it deserves, give Community Commercial Security a call at (714) 777-6132. You can also contact us for a free risk assessment if you just want to see where your business stands as far as security.

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