Seven Ways Thieves Can Enter Your Home

Burglary is an all-too-common crime that is a constant worry for homeowners. While there are many ways to lower the risk of a home burglary, a lot of time simply knowing what to expect can aid in keeping thieves out. There are a few ways burglars can enter your home, and knowing how to keep those entrances secure can help keep them out.

  • Unlocked door: This one’s pretty obvious, but no matter how safe you may think your home is, it’s always safest to keep your doors locked. In addition, don’t hide any keys in flowerpots or underneath welcome mats. Thieves will check the obvious places for keys. If you need to hide a key, keep it away from the door and in an unusual place. If you’re leaving out of town, make sure a trusted family member or friend has a spare key.
  • Garage: Keep your garage closed, even when you’re home. Leaving the door open invites thieves to scout your valuables. The garage can also be a popular entry way to the main house, if it’s attached. The garage is quieter than breaking in through a door or window. Make sure your garage is always locked tight, even locking the door that connects the main house to the garage if possible.
  • Open window: Keep windows closed when you aren’t home. It’s normal to keep them open to let in fresh air, but it’s too easy to cut through or take out a screen. Sliding open a window is also easy if the window is only open a crack. If there are windows on your first floor, consider getting windows that lock from the inside or require a key. Keeping the windows locked and secure can thwart thieves.
  • Landscape: Keep your windows and doors free from being blocked by large bushes and trees. These can not only provide cover for thieves, but can even help them get a leg up to climbing in through a window.
  • Outdoor lighting: Keep your landscape lit so the burglar can’t hide in the dark. If you don’t want lights going all throughout the night for the sake of your electricity bill or neighbors, consider motion sensor lights. These can scare off burglars almost instantly.
  • Empty house: If leaving on vacation, leave your house as it would be if you were home. Don’t close curtains and blinds if you don’t usually. Keep timed lights to make it look like you’re home. If the house is closed up, it lets the burglar know no one is there.

Those few tips can keep your house just a bit safer. If you’re looking for more, though, let Community Commercial Security know. We don’t just offer home security, but we also offer commercial security for offices and businesses. We want your home to be the safest it can be. For a free risk assessment, visit our website or call (714) 777-6132.


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