Key Control Systems

Key Control

The keying system is the “software” of a building’s security. Community Commercial Security carefully creates key control systems that are individually unique and offer the right balance of security, convenience, confidentiality and expansion capabilities.

Without Key Control

Without key control, regular keys can be easily copied at any hardware or discount store. Multiple keys often become unaccounted for overtime, which can allow an unscrupulous person to gain access, either directly or indirectly.

With Key Control

Patent protected key control systems ensure that only designated people can duplicate a key, which effectively controls how many keys are issued to whom keys were originally distributed.

key control 2How Does Key Control Work?

Community Commercial Security issues a uniquely patented key control system that is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Once a patent is issued, the system dictates which keys will work in which doors. For instance, you may want to give all key holders the ability to unlock the front door, while only allowing the IT Manager to have access to the server room.

Key Control Policies for your Security and Protection:

  • All key records shall be kept current at all times and are considered high security and confidential
  • Records shall be securely stored
  • All transaction shall be recorded in a timely manner
  • Standardized forms shall be used for each transaction
  • All transactions shall be properly authorized by the authorized signer(s) registered by Community Commercial Security (If a non-authorized person attempts to make a transaction, the authorized signer(s) will be discreetly notified immediately.)

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