Security Compliance in the Food Service Industry

Within each industry, there are certain protocols that must be followed. Whether it’s per OSHA, the ADA, or an industry-specific regulatory commission (such as the FDA, for example), you need to make sure your facility is up-to-date on its safety policies and procedures. Investing some time and manpower into this can save you hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars in fees and fines in the long run.

The food service industry is no stranger to following strict regulations. They are perhaps one of the most regulated industries whether you are a  local mom-and-pop coffee shop, to a high-end restaurant, to a food processing plant, there are policies and procedures that must be followed to ensure food safety and avoid cross contamination with other foods and products.

In order to ensure their compliance with such commissions as the FDA, the Sunny D manufacturing plant in Anaheim, California, recently contacted Community Commercial Security. Upon inspection, our technician discovered that weather stripping and seals on many of the doors were in need of replacement and some of their door hardware was in need of repair.

Given the time-sensitive nature of the project, we drafted a plan and got to work right away.

  • We will continue to run routine maintenance checks to ensure that all of their door hardware and door seals are in good condition. Click here for more information about Community Commercial Security’s CCTV  and maintenance services.
  • We repaired the panic hardware on their commercial doors in order to make sure they were fire and ADA compliant. For more information about why panic hardware is important, click here.
  • We also maintain their access control system, which was a huge part of the security for Sunny D. Access control systems can help streamline the process that your managers or supervisors go through when employees resign, are terminated, or move into a new position.

Whether you oversee a large manufacturing warehouse like Sunny D or are the owner of a bagel shop, it’s important that your employees and assets are safe and that you are compliant with safety standards and regulations. Contact Community Commercial Security a call and let us evaluate your current safety standards. It might save you thousands of dollars down the road.

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