Are Security Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?

security cameraAre Security Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?

The short answer is no, and here’s why. When it comes to technology, privacy always has to be considered. Whether it was the first installation of telephones and the worry of being recorded, or currently the closed-circuit televisions used by the government, technology always comes with the fear of an invasion of privacy.

That said, security cameras have been very successful in keeping the public safe, and there are a few reasons that they have been so successful.

  • Crime Deterrent: If a vandal or a thief notices that a camera is monitoring the outside (or inside) of a home or business, the crime will be much less likely to occur. If the chances that they might get caught outweigh the risks of committing the crime, the vandal or thief will stop in their tracks.
  • Protection: Security cameras can help save your items if a crime does occur. If a crime is committed, the camera will have caught it all. Not only will it capture a clear picture of who did it, but it will also show how they got in. Once that problem is addressed, your business, along with ComCom Security, can help figure out a way to prevent that from happening again.
  • CCTV Worries: People worry some about CCTV cameras placed in public, but these cameras were placed on the streets for the public and by the public, to ensure that everyone stays safe. Not only that, but most don’t record any sort of audio so your conversations aren’t being recorded. This sort of surveillance is regulated by government officials and police for your protection. CCTVs have helped solve an abundance of cases in the past, and can help your business as well.

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