Security Cameras can save your Grass–and then some

We recently had a plastics company call us with a big problem: just outside of their facility, there was a large grass field area. Once or twice a year, someone was coming onto their property and driving, skidding, and turning very quickly on the grass, completely ruining it in the process. The result was thousands of dollars in damage. They wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to prevent this from happening again.

We visited the facility and after thoroughly analyzing the entrance and exit points along with other pertinent information, we decided that their best course of action would be to install a security camera with a zoom lens on the roof of the building adjacent to the grass field. Due to the layout of the building and accompanying grass area, it was too expensive and time consuming to install a fences, gates, or walls. By installing a security camera, if it did happen again, they could at least get the license plate number of the perpetrator (or perpetrators).

Our technicians moved forward with the installation of the camera and within a few weeks—bam!—the perpetrator struck again. It was a newly licensed driver taking his truck out for some fun. Since being caught, he has stopped vandalizing (or maybe he’s moved on to another facility) and the plastics company is no longer paying thousands of dollars a year to replace their grass and sprinklers. All thanks to security cameras!

If you own or maintain a facility similar to this one–perhaps a school with a big sports field or even the common area within an HOA community–and it keeps getting vandalized, Community Commercial Security can help. We are fully capable of saving your grass (and your money!). Our goal is to serve each client with the same end goal in mind: exceed your loss prevention needs, deliver peace of mind, offer optimum technology, and provide responsive customer service.  Our team of well-trained and dedicated security designers, installers, and technicians ensure that every facility is given the best commercial security systems products available on the market today.

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