Retail Security Tips for the Holidays

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Retail Security Tips – What You Need to Know

We’re officially on the brink of the holiday season. Halloween decorations are on clearance, brisk weather is finally setting in (for the most part), and seasonal tunes are making sporadic appearances on the radio.

There’s no fighting it; the holiday season is upon us, and the craziness will only continue to build.

Soon shoppers will flood malls in search of the perfect gift for each holiday-centered event on their crazed December calendar. Increases in consumer spending are positive for retailers’ profits but many stores also experience heightened security issues this time of year.

Don’t let shoplifters ruin your holiday. Protect your store with these four helpful tips.

Increase security guards. Store traffic increases significantly in the coming weeks. Among all the people, criminals easily blend in. Increasing security guards and in-store personnel on the lookout for suspicious activity will increase the likelihood of catching shoplifters.

Patrol parking lots. In-store theft and crime aren’t the only acts to watch out for. Parking lots are maxed out during the holiday season, and often with cars filled to the brim with presents. Hiring guards to patrol the parking lot is another helpful benefit to protect retailers and shoppers.

Keep eyes on the store’s perimeter. Many shoplifters will hoard clothes and items in a spot along the perimeter walls. Be mindful of these hiding places. If you notice a pile of clothes from different parts of the story accumulating in a spot near the wall, begin to put the pieces away. This should send a warning sign to the shoplifter they’re being watched.

Visibility. Amidst the holiday decorations and specialty seasonal items, stores can get a bit cluttered. This also provides enough chaos for shoplifters to hide. Strong visibility from all areas of a store is important to keep an eye out for any potential theft.

Are you in risk this holiday season?

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