Reduce and Avoid False Alarms

Red flashlightReducing and Avoiding False Alarms

A false alarm can cause a multitude of problems for both you and your business. Too many false alarms can not only take police away from another possible emergency, but the more people hear a false alarm, the less likely they are to react to it. Then, if your business gets broken into for real, no one will take it seriously and you could lose some valuable equipment. There are a few steps you can take to reduce and avoid false alarms with your business.

  • Employee error: Oftentimes an employee will accidentally miss a step when opening or closing the store, which can lead to an alarm going off unnecessarily. In order to prevent this, have regular training meetings to make sure all employees are trained in how to operate the security system. Make sure all employees, including janitors and seasonal help, know how to properly work the security system.
  • Mechanical error: Mechanical errors happen on occasion, but can be avoided. Make sure your security system is regularly maintained, all batteries are fresh, and the technology is up-to-date. If your alarm system is maintained properly, the risk of a false alarm due to mechanical error is drastically reduced.
  • Act of nature: Unfortunately, this is one that can’t really be helped. Sometimes there are strong winds, electrical storms, or power outages that can cause a false alarm. The only real way to reduce this is to make sure your alarm system is set up properly, with no hanging objects in front of motion detectors, and all windows and doors are shut and locked before the alarm is activated.

Keeping your business safe is important, and in order to do that, false alarms need to be reduced and eliminated where at all possible. If you want your surveillance system to be updated, or just want a free risk assessment, call Community Commercial Security at (714) 777-6132 or contact us for a free risk assessment.

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