Protect Your Home on Halloween

pumpkins and candles

Protect Your Home on Halloween

A little bit of horror and fear during Halloween is always in good fun—or is it? While kids dress up as ghosts and witches, or Anna and Elsa, there are thieves and robbers ready, lurking the neighborhood.

And they aren’t looking for good fun.

Now we don’t want to scare you, just merely prepare you. We are not talking about neighborhood pranks like toilet papering and vandalism (while these definitely increase on Halloween, too), but crime like theft and home invasion often skyrocket on Halloween night.

Be extra aware of home safety and security before you step out to trick-or-treat with the kids and keep the following things in mind.

  • Stay alert to mischief. On any other night you would be apprehensive about a person in disguise. But not Halloween. Safe in costume, a thief can casually wander the neighborhood, looking for its best prospect—all without eliciting suspicion or concern from neighbors. Stay alert for strange characters roaming the street.
  • Keep your property well lit. Your praiseworthy Halloween decorations also create the perfect hiding place for a robber. Equip your home with automatic lighting to keep dark areas well lit when there is movement. And if you are out with the kids or at a Halloween party, turn the porch light on. Always maintain the impression that someone is home.
  • Turn on the home alarm. Don’t risk any scares. Keep your home alarm on the entire night, even if you are at home passing out candy. With all the commotion going on outside, it is still an opportune time for criminals to take action.
  • Put your car in the garage. And lastly, take advantage of a garage and store your car in it for the night. This will even help with harmless play outside that could lead to dents or scratches.

We love Halloween and that’s exactly why we want it to be a fun, memorable night. As always, Community Commercial Security wants to provide peace of mind. Contact us or call (714) 777-6132 for more information on Halloween safety tips. Happy Halloween!

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