Preschool Security Systems

Keeping Preschoolers Safe with Commercial Security Solutions – Orange County, California

If you own a daycare or preschool, we know that keeping your students safe is your top priority. Sometimes this can be expensive, but at Community Commercial Security, located in Yorba Linda, California, we are focused on the best outcome for our customers requiring cost-effective school security systems.

For example, we recently had a yet-to-be opened preschool approach us about installing a security system for the new school. They wanted to make sure that the correct hardware was installed in order to support the new access control system. In other words, they didn’t want hardware that wouldn’t work with the access control system—a mistake that could cost them thousands.

We went ahead and consulted with the general contractor—the person who was most knowledgeable about the project—in order to make the best recommendation for the client. We potentially saved them the headache and money from having to reinstall all of their hardware—and all at an affordable price.

Our goal is always to be customer-oriented, proactive about saving you money and time, and focused on your best outcome. So, whether you run a preschool, women’s shelter, or hospital, Community Commercial Security is here to help you stay safe.

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