Parking Lot Security Cameras

Parking Lot Camera

Parking Lot Security Cameras: Pros and Cons

According to a recent study, 80% of crimes at offices, malls, and retail stores take place in the parking lot. A good way to monitor and control this would be to install a security camera that overlooks your parking lot. Before investing your money in parking lot CCTV, consider both the benefits and consequences of the action.


  • Reduce crime: Parking lots are a gold mine for thieves looking to steal any sort of personal property. People keep a lot of valuable items in their cars. If a thief sees a camera, though, the likelihood of making that parking lot a target are reduced. If they do decide to break into a car, the camera will capture it and help capture the criminal and hopefully replace the stolen items.
  • Improve image: When customers that see you’ve installed a security camera in your parking lot, it lets them know that you care about their security and safety. With that in mind, you’re more likely to build a sense of trust and loyalty with your customers.
  • Liability: Whether it’s a car crash or a shopping cart denting a bumper, it’s almost inevitable that an accident will happen in your parking lot. A security camera can monitor these accidents and help avoid any liability cases.
  • Monitoring: Whether you’re at your business or far away, you can monitor your security cameras from wherever. Your feed can be transmitted over the internet so you can check any security issues you may be having from wherever you are.


  • Disruptions: Any sort of power outages or storms can not only damage the cameras in your parking lot, but possibly interrupt any feed.
  • Theft: Some thieves see security cameras and try to vandalize or steal them.

While there are both some pros and cons that come with parking lot surveillance, ultimately a security system for your parking lot would be beneficial to you and your business. For a free risk assessment, visit

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