Orange County Commercial Locksmith Services

Do you need commercial locksmith services in Orange County, California, but aren’t sure where to go? Are you confused by all of the options that are available for securing your business? With over 20 years of experience, Community Commercial Security is your one-stop security shop. Whether your business is located in Yorba Linda, Brea, Irvine, Placentia, or Orange, we are here to ensure that your facility is safe and secure.

We offer the following commercial locksmith services to all of Orange County:

  • Key Control: Perhaps one of the most significant parts of a commercial security system, key control gives you control over who duplicates your keys. Any hardware store can duplicate an ordinary key, but if you have high security keys such as Mul-T-Lock Keys, Best Keys, Peaks Preferred Keys, Restricted Keys, and Registered Keys, only a professional locksmith can make a copy.
  • Master Key Systems: This type of system simplifies your security, especially for managers or supervisors. A key opens each lock, but it is the same key throughout the premises. That way, employees don’t have to carry bulky key rings or keep track of which key goes where. 
  •  Mul-T-Lock, Peaks Preferred, and Restricted Keys: These types of locks offer increased resistance to picking, drilling, bumping, and other ways of breaking them. If you are worried about unauthorized key duplication, then this is the best choice for you. Mul-T-Lock Keys boast a triple locking mechanism where duplication requires a magnetic strip key.
  • Deadbolts and High Security Locks: If you are in need of ultimate protection, don’t rely on an ordinary lock. Brands such as Medeco, Schlage, Mul-T-Lock, Falcon, and Corbin/Russwin are made for locksmiths and boast quality craftsmanship. The U.S. Government and military, universities, hospitals, banks, offices, and homes around the world use them because they are simply the best. Their patented UL-listed designs make a security breach next to impossible.
  • Mechanical Push Button Locks: This is a type of keyless access that offers convenience and security for doors, containers, and commercial cabinets. Able to withstand both indoor and outdoor extremes, they offer a simple way to control access between the private and public areas of your facility. They are great because they don’t require key cards, computer technology, or batteries and the combinations can be changed in a matter of seconds without even removing it from the door.
  • Electric Push Button Locks: These function via an electric current. They can function as stand-alone systems that are mounted directly to the lock or as part of a larger access control system.
  • Panic Bars or Crash Bars: These are a type of lock used on a door that is in compliance with ADA and Fire Life Safety standards. Upon pushing the bar, it activates a mechanism that allows the door to open, which then allows occupants to exit a building quickly and safely. Depending on the type and size of your business, this type of panic hardware is required by OSHA. Community Commercial Security specifically hires Licensed Low Voltage Electricians (Lic. C28) so that we can help our customers comply with local codes.

Community Commercial Security is here to help your Yorba Linda, Brea, Irvine, Placentia, or Orange business with all of its commercial locksmith needs.  We offer mobile locksmith services 24 hours. Call 714-777-6132 to discuss your options.

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