How Orange County Businesses Deal with Employee Theft

Employee Theft – Why You Need Video Surveillance In Your Business

No business owner in Orange County, or anywhere else for that matter, wants to think that their employees are stealing from them, but every day many owners realize someone on their staff has done just that. One survey found that in 2012, one in every 40 employees was apprehended for theft. In addition, it was found that employees steal 5.5 times more than shoplifters on a per-case average ($715.24 vs. $129.12). Those numbers are astounding! Don’t let your business be the next victim of employee theft; call Community Commercial Security today to install a video surveillance system.

Below are six ways you can avoid employee theft:

1. Keep an eye on employees—even when you’re not there. If people know they are being watched, they are less likely to steal. A business video surveillance system will help deter employees from stealing as well as help you catch theft after it happens. Cameras (CCTV or Closed Circuit Television) should be installed anywhere that employees have access (so long as it’s legal), such as storage rooms and loading areas. Using high-definition video will help you clearly identify employees and transactions along with allowing for integration with facial recognition software. Your video surveillance system will act as your eyes and ears when you have to be away from your business.

2. Pair people up. Theft often happens when one employee is left alone in the store or office. Make sure that there are two employees present at all times, as this will limit their opportunity to steal from you.

3. Do your due diligence. Always run a background check and drug test on potential employees. People with drug addictions are at a higher risk for stealing to support their habit. And someone that has a record of stealing? Move on to the next applicant.

4. Watch the trash. Oftentimes merchandise or supplies are concealed in the outgoing trash and then retrieved later from the trashcan or dumpster. Use clear garbage bags, require that boxes be flattened, and lock all dumpsters. Putting a video surveillance camera on your trash area is also a good idea.

5. Encourage employees to tattle. Make it easy for employees by having either a locked tip box in the break room (also a great place for video surveillance) or a secure email address where they can report their co-workers’ suspicious behavior.

6. Know your employees. Stealing from someone you don’t know very well is much easier than stealing from someone you do. Connecting with your employees will not only help you earn their respect, but it will give you the opportunity to find out if they are under high levels of stress or going through financial difficulties, both of which increase the impulse to steal. If you get to know them, you can also remind them of all the anti-theft measures you have in place, such as video surveillance systems.

Remember, Community Commercial Security is your go-to business for installing business video surveillance systems to avoid employee theft. The bottom line is that you can’t always know if you’re making a good choice when you hire someone. You can, however, always feel secure in knowing that your business is protected with a video surveillance system, and that is why you need one.

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