New Smart Security Cameras

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New Smart Security Cameras

Forget about privacy, the rise and growing intelligence of surveillance cameras has made them a must-have item for all companies and public spaces. People may still be concerned about privacy issues, but at this point video surveillance is here to stay and it may be helpful to see the many ways this advanced technology benefits society as a whole.

Today’s video surveillance system is much more than just a camera. They are equipped with top-notch technology and tracking equipment that serve multiple roles and benefits. Two features in development are of specific interest: camera-to-camera interaction and suspicious behavior reconnaissance.

Camera-to-camera interaction. These types of cameras are so high-tech that they talk to each other. As an individual moves through the crowd, the cameras communicate information across the network to keep an eye on a suspect at all times.

The developers talk about how cameras could follow a man who abducts a child as he walks across a city campus. A track record of his movement is created and can be used later during investigation.

The camera highlights the suspect, making it easier to identify him. As a result, a camera is always focused on a specific target, and even if he momentarily goes out of sight, the cameras can immediately recognize him once he returns to view. Gone are the days when video cameras only focused on a broad picture. They can target individuals when necessary, too.

Suspicious behavior reconnaissance. Certain cameras can even be trained to identify suspicious behavior, like stealing items or loading a gun. This feature would benefit store managers and security personnel by warning them of suspicious criminal behavior before they even notice.

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