Making Your House Secure

While security systems are the best way to keep your home secure, the cost can add up. Keeping your home secure, however, is an important part of keeping you, your loved ones, and your valuable possessions safe. There are a few other more cost-effective ways to ensure your safety around the house by keeping just a few things in order.

  • Keep things working: Thieves aside, a malfunctioning appliance can start a quick-spreading fire that can endanger you and your loved ones. Keep your appliances working and your dryer vents free of lint to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Privacy fences: While privacy fences can hide things from the outside, it can also hide people that have broken in. If getting a fence, consider a wrought iron fence or a split rail fence. This allows neighbors to see into your backyard in case someone breaks in while you aren’t home.
  • Hide expensive belongings: And by hide, we mean put out of plain sight. There’s no need to advertise your expensive belongings so they can be seen from the outside of your house. Keep expensive vehicles in the garage, put away laptops and tablets so people can’t see them from the outside. Think twice about wearing expensive jewelry out if you’re just going to the mall or the store.
  • Lights: If your home and yard is dark, it’s automatically more attractive to thieves. Keep your landscape lit and illuminate the burglars without keeping up your neighbors.
  • Put away tools: Yard tools like ladders are a great way to invite burglars up to the second story. Keep them locked up in the garage. Same goes with gardening tools or hardware. These tools can be used to break windows and doors. If you don’t have room for them in your garage, consider buying a locked shed without windows to store your equipment.

While a home can be best secured with a security system, these five small tips can cut down on the ease at which a thief can break in. For a free risk assessment from Community Commercial Security, visit our website or call (714) 777-6132.


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