Keyless Door Entry

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Keyless Door Entry: A New Solution to Lost Keys

Hate keys? A lot of people do. They’re inconvenient when you go for a run, prone to getting lost in the abyss of purses and laptop bags, and often find themselves added to the pile of unidentified keys in the kitchen drawer.

But maybe we don’t need them anyways. In today’s tech-heavy world are keys becoming obsolete?

August, a firm based out of San Francisco, thinks so. They recently launched the August Smart Lock—a combination of app and Bluetooth technology that creates virtual keys and flexible access.

August is among other firms introducing keyless door entry technology that stops the need to duplicate keys manually. Or even carry keys at all. Many view this technology as a breakthrough in home security.

Access is granted via a smartphone and can be modified easily by the touch of a finger. Keyless door entry is a revolutionary idea that promotes security but also simplifies the process of welcoming people into your home.

Offered in four colors, the August Smart Lock looks very modern and is embedded with cutting-edge technology. The lock runs on an extended battery life comprised of AA batteries. Notifications regularly appear when the battery is running low, and in case of an emergency, the traditional key and lock system is still in place.

Smart locks and keyless door entry options are relatively new to the market. August has spent significant time and resources to perfect the August Smart Lock, ensuring safety and reliability for the user.

Time will tell if the population at-large adapts this technology or if it remains within the niche of tech-friendly consumers.

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