The Key to Better Behavior

Camcorder optics closeupVideo Surveillance: The Key to Better Behavior

Does your foot instantly press the brake pedal when you see a police officer on the freeway? It’s almost an involuntary response, isn’t it? We are conditioned to behave better when police are in sight. And quite similarly, researchers discovered people behave better when they’re on camera, too.

An ex-Seattle Police officer, Steve Ward, is tapping into this truth. He heads up Vievu, a company that sells body cameras for police officers. The cameras have a two-fold purpose: to hold police officers accountable and to create environments where people behave better.

The cameras are small and light and easily clip onto clothing. A large green light indicates the recorder is on. This warns civilians, which should dissipate any privacy concerns. Vievu also created built-in controls within the camera to ensure a cop doesn’t alter or delete any information after it has been recorded.

What results have they seen? In Rialto, CA complaints against police offers dropped 88 percent when they were given body cameras.

So what does this story mean for your business?

It shows the success of video surveillance and another great reason to install this form of technology at your office. A camera carries great power in generating good behavior, holding employees accountable, and reducing the risk of complaints without evidence.

At Community Commercial Security we’ve seen video surveillance systems deter vandalism, decrease product shrinkage, enhance work place safety and improve business efficiency.

For more information about our services, please call us today at 714-777-6132. We offer complete video surveillance packages for every type of application, from simple one or two camera systems to complex multi-camera digital and IP systems. Our extensive selection of equipment allows us to find just the right combination for your needs.

Install a video surveillance system and start seeing better behavior today.

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