Installing a Home Security System

Smiling handyman fixing an alarm system

The Must-Ask Questions Before Installing a Home Security System

No home is safe, regardless of location, and that is why installing a home security system—if you do not already have one—should be on the top of your to-do list. Even a sign placed outside your home advertising the presence of a home security system will warn potential burglars.

But before you move forward, make sure to do a bit of research. With years of experience in the security industry, Community Commercial Security recommends asking these questions during the decision-making process.

What’s my budget? The cost of a home security system varies. Determine how much money you can allocate and then evaluate your options within that price range. This purchase decision does not need to break the bank, so look for reasonable, yet still reliable options.

Do I want a monitored or unmonitored system? Your budget may influence this response. Unmonitored systems are controlled by sensors, which set off the alarm when tripped. This option is cheaper but also provides less protection. Monitored sensors receive the support of a home security company that continuously monitors the alarm and contacts the police when a break-in occurs.

Do I want a cellular or wired system? Cellular systems run totally on batteries and do not require any construction during installation. Wired systems do require drilling.

What are all the fees? Before signing a contract, know the financial commitment. Ask for the upfront costs and monthly fees. Do not allow room for any surprises in the future. And ask if there is there a way to get your rate locked in so it won’t increase in a few months. Also, sometimes companies will charge for false alarms. Clarify the company’s false alarm policy.

Would you like more information on Community Commercial Security’s home security systems? We’re prepared to walk you through these questions and guide you in selecting a security system perfect for your home. Contact us today at 714-777-6132.

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