How to Pick the Perfect Locksmith

Unfortunately, many people have fallen into a common locksmith scam. Most commonly, people call a cheap locksmith to get their locks changed, only to find a few weeks later that their house has been entered and their valuables have been stolen. These scamming “locksmiths” use their own key to enter the house when you aren’t home and steal irreplaceable items.

How to pick the perfect locksmith?

There are a few ways to be able to tell when a locksmith is fraudulent.

-       Avoid “Toll-Free” Numbers: Oftentimes the toll-free number will give you an extremely low estimate, and then once the locksmith comes out, he will find “complications” that will increase the bill to hundreds of dollars.

-       Be Wary of Unmarked Vehicles: If the locksmith shows up in an unmarked truck, van or car, be very cautious. The legitimate professionals will spend the money for a marked car, because it provides free advertising.

-       Get a Written Estimate: Make sure the estimate includes mileage and all add-ons before agreeing to have a locksmith come out. On top of that, make sure it comes on the company’s own letterhead. Most fraudulent locksmiths won’t bother with paperwork.

-       Avoid Drilling and Replacing: If your key is merely lost and the locksmith says he will have to drill and replace the lock, send him packing. A real, experienced locksmith should be able to get through to any lock without having to replace it.

By using all these tips, you should be able to avoid any fraudulent locksmiths. Community Commercial Security offers a no fuss installation, ensuring that we keep our technicians up-to-date with the most recent technologies, so you will receive the best installation the first time.

For any lock-related or security needs, call Community Commercial Security at (714) 777-6132. We adapt with you and make sure you’re provided with the protection you need.

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