Home Security Systems are Important

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Why Home Security Systems are Important

Summer Miller, a woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma recently had her purse stolen while out to dinner with a friend. She left her purse in the car and was shocked upon returning to see the car broken into and the purse missing.

Keys, I.D.’s and credit cards—they took everything.

And then the burglar had the audacity to show up at her home. That is, after they did a bit of shopping at Carter’s, Macy’s, Taco Bueno, Taco Bell and Home Depot—clearly not a one-person job.

Nearly 48 hours later and supplied with Miller’s address from her driver’s license, the thieves went to her home.

When Summer approached her house with a locksmith—she needed to switch out her locks because the burglar was in possession of her keys—she noticed a car speed away. Her car was unlocked, providing strong evidence for the burglar’s failed attempt to steal her car, and who knows what else.

Just a night out to dinner and now Summer Miller fears the burglars will return. She requested extra protection from police while they continue to investigate.

Summer Miller could be anyone and that is why a reliable home security system is crucial to protecting you and your family.

Even in neighborhoods deemed “safe” or in unlikely crime spots, it is never worth compromising safety.

Installing proper locks and mounting outdoor light fixtures are great first steps. But introducing a home security system that signals suspicious activity or intrusions adds even more security, eliminating uncertainty and fear. For example, using signs to advertise a home security system can deter burglars altogether.

Be on the active defense. Community Commercial Security offers free risk assessments to determine weaknesses and recommend solutions for your home’s security. Contact us today.

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