5 Places to Hide Your Spare Key

Where did I leave the spare key5 Places to Hide Your Spare Key

Don’t find yourself in the lost key mess, wishing you had stashed a key somewhere. Try one of these effective hiding places today, and no, we’re not suggesting the standard doormat or fake rock. Let’s be a bit more suspect.

  • Lockbox. These boxes require a code to open and gain access to the key. Many real estate agents use them for home tours but they are also a great place to hide a spare key. But unlike real estate agents, don’t place them near the front door. Find a good hiding space, out of obvious sight, and hide the lockbox there.
  • Neighbors. Making friends with the people next door has many benefits and one of them is a home for a spare key. Trusted neighbors with a spare key can help you out when you lock yourself out or even enter your home in case of an emergency when you are out of town.
  • Doghouse. Dogs can be unpredictable and scary for burglars. Hiding a key in a doghouse, even if you don’t have a dog, is a sure way to keep the key hidden. If you do have a dog, place the key in a location that will prevent it from becoming Fido’s snack.
  • Wind Chimes. The noise and attention from messing with wind chimes make them a common place to hide keys. If the burglar notices the hidden key and tries to untangle it from the wind chime, he or she risks the chance of drawing undesired attention for suspicious activity. Or even better—hang multiple keys from the wind chime. Just make sure you know the right key to use to enter the house.
  • Store-Bought Disguises. While a fake rock screams obvious, there are many products out there that disguise a key safe—and are not magnets to a burglar’s eye. For example, purchase an in-ground dummy sprinkler or a thermometer with a component that holds a key, too. A burglar hopes to be quick, leaving little time to decipher between real and fake tools.

And should you find yourself locked out of your home, car, or business, don’t panic. Follow our recommended tips and reach out to a representative at Community Commercial Security. We have a strict no gimmicks or hidden costs approach. To talk to a representative about our fees, contact us or call (714) 777-6132.

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