Employee Social Media a Threat to Security

Social MediaIs Employee Social Media a Threat to Security?

Your employee’s social media might be putting your business in danger. Certain social media websites have the ability to search the name of your business and who works there. From there, robbers can research your employees and use any information they find against them during the robbery.

Now that it’s the 21st century, social media is becoming more and more prevalent. There are a couple ways you can help your business stay safe and secure.

  • Make a policy. Regulate what is and isn’t appropriate for your employees to have public on their profile. Let them know that if they want to list your business as their employer, they are constantly representing you and it might not be appropriate to publicly post personal information.
  • Train your IT people. Keep your IT personnel trained and up-to-date with all social media. Have them help the employees to make their information private or remove their information completely. Keep the social media accounts closely monitored.
  • Keep information private. The best way to stay secure is to have your employees keep their information private. Asking your employees to remove their social media accounts will be impossible, but asking them to keep it private is a compromise that can keep them as well as your business safe.
  • Install a security system. Make sure your security system is top-of-the-line so if there is a break in, the people can be easily recognizable. This can include a combination of access control to keep the wrong people from entering and video surveillance to keep an eye on everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your business can be impacted by improper social media guidelines, give Community Commercial Security a call today at (714) 777-6132 or contact us for a free risk assessment. While we may not be able to write your social media policy for you, we can make sure your business is completely secure with the best security system available.

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