Electronic Locks: Should You Switch?

Mobile access to homeElectronic Locks: Should You Make the Switch?

Will house keys become obsolete in the coming years as electronic locks continue to invade the security scene? Probably not, but the ease, customization and high-tech nature of electronic locks does make them an attractive alternative. In terms of security though, everyone wants to know: Are they safe?

For the most part, yes. That is, when they are used in an appropriate manner.

If you are considering switching to electronic locks at your home or business, don’t forget to consider the specific security needs you have and whether the variables of an electronic lock system makes the most sense.

Quality matters. If a lock is cheap the performance will likely reflect that low price. Home security is not an area to be cheap. Invest in quality locks that receive positive reviews. You may discover flaws in a poorly made system that will cost more money in the long-term than investing in a high level system to begin with.

Consider your personality. Are you tech-savvy? Does access to a lock from your phone seem beneficial? Or daunting? If you enjoy adapting to new technology then an electronic lock may be a great consideration. If not, it may be best to stick with traditional locks.

Do your research. There are many options to choose from and collecting all information will help make the most informed decision. For example, one concern regarding electronic locks has to do with the override mechanism. But implementing an override cylinder helps share credentials for both the electronic and mechanically secured doors.

Talk to experts. Differentiating between electronic and traditional locks may not be your thing. Rely on experts—the team at Community Commercial Security. We will review your specific case and provide options that first and foremost keep you safe, but also in a convenient and reliable fashion.

Contact us or call (714) 777-6132 to discuss the best protection option for you.

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