Decorate with Home Security

Keys in  computer drawn shape of a houseDecorate with Home Security

Don’t be like the McCallister’s this year, one of America’s favorite Christmas families from Home Alone. As they hurry off to the airport in a typical holiday craze they forget Kevin at home. But they also forget to implement top security tips for holiday travel, leaving their home as a prime target for the Wet Bandits, the neighborhood burglars on the prowl for vacant homes during Christmas.

Luckily, Kevin is around to fend off the burglars, but this is not usually the case. So before heading out for vacation, make sure to take all precautions necessary to keep your home and possessions safe, like installing a home security system.

Selecting the right home security system should be a thoughtful process. Consider these points before making any decisions.

Investigate door-to-door alarm sales. People who try to sell new systems at your door should be handled with extra care. Investigate the firm they represent and ask many follow-up questions if you are interested.

Free does not always mean free. The word free is a strategic selling tool. It jumps out at you. In cases where someone offers something for free, make sure to read and understand the entire contract to see if there are any contingent items.

Do your research. Home security systems vary. Like anything that requires a financial investment, take time to research and talk to professionals about all your options. Do not allocate money to something you do not need. 

Confirm licensing. All security firms require licensing by the state. Confirm the legitimacy of the company and ask for proof of licensing.

Verify alarm monitoring process and oversight. A good alarm system receives monitoring support from the home security company. This process is used to contact officials when there is a breach of security at home.

Community Commercial Security alarm and security systems detect break-ins and other unwanted entries as soon as they happen. An instantaneous alarm notifies you and the appropriate authorities, protecting you and your family.

Have more questions about our security systems? We want to ensure your safety this holiday. Let us install a top-notch system today. Call us at 714-777-6132.

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