Deadbolts: should you have one?

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When it comes to locking your home, the safety of you and your loved ones should be the first priority. In 2012, the FBI reported that 60 percent of 2.1 million burglaries included forced entry, so the decision of what kind of lock to buy and whether a deadbolt should be included are important.

There are two main categories of deadbolts. The first is a single-bolt, which is where the lock can be controlled by a key from the outside or by twisting a knob from the inside. A double-bolt also is controlled by a key on the outside, but inside is also controlled by a key.

Each category of deadbolt has their own advantages and disadvantages. With a single-bolt lock, it’s easy to lock and unlock while providing a fair amount of extra security. Unfortunately, if there are windows near the door, those can be broken and the knob twisted if they reach inside.

With the double-bolt, that isn’t as much an issue because it requires a key from the inside. That said, the double-bolt comes with other safety concerns like how to escape safely in case of emergency or fire. If they key is not readily available, it could be dangerous to leave the house quickly.

Whichever deadbolt you choose, it’s important to make sure it’s installed with the safest materials. Deadbolts give a higher level of protection when:

  • The material of the bolt is hardened steel.
  • The bolt is installed with a metal strike plate with three-inch screws in the door-frame studs to keep it secure.
  • At full extension, the bolt reaches all the way into its doorjamb hole.

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