Community Commercial Security Installs Commercial Security Systems in Brea, CA

Making sure that your employees, business, and assets are protected is your number one priority, as it should be. When it comes to commercial security systems, Community Commercial Security is the trusted expert in Brea, California and throughout Orange County.

In order to ensure your security, we offer the following comprehensive security systems:

  • Access Control in Brea, CA: When it comes to access control, we offer our services from the design phase, to installation, to long-term maintenance. Depending on your unique needs, we can provide commercial security systems that range from small all the way up to multi-site.
  • Video Surveillance Systems in Brea, CA: If your goal is to deter or prevent vandalism, theft, or product shrinkage, then a CCTV system is likely the solution for you. In addition to all of the benefits already listed, they also increase overall efficiency and improve safety in the workplace.
  • Key Control Systems in Brea, CA: instituting a key control system will help you keep track of all your keys (and who has them!). Key control systems allow only certain people to duplicate a key, which in turn controls how many keys are issued and to whom they are distributed.
  • Commercial Locksmith Services in Brea, CA: We offer rekeying, maintenance, key control systems, ADA approved hardware, file cabinet locks, desk locks, mailbox locks, panic hardware, and pretty much any type of lock you might need!
  • Preventative Maintenance in Brea, CA: our comprehensive preventative maintenance packages ensure that your security system never has a breach.
  • Customized Security Design in Brea, CA: We work closely with homeowners, designers, architects, project managers, and property managers to ensure that our commercial security system design is the best fit for your Brea business.

If your Brea, CA business is lacking in any of the above commercial security systems, contact Community Commercial Security today. Our dedicated technicians are standing by to get the process started for you.

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