Commercial Retail Store in Yorba Linda Installs Access Control

The Challenge

A commercial retail store in the Yorba Linda, California area found itself spending unnecessary amounts of money on rekeying locks due to employee turnover. Each year, they were spending thousands of dollars on updating security privileges when employees resigned, were terminated, or were promoted or moved to a new position. This retail store was (and still is) dealing with many different employees, different shifts, and regular turnovers; thus, they needed to invest in a security system that could flex with them.

The Solution

Community Commercial Security was able to visit the site, inspect the building and all of its components, and make security suggestions all within a few days of receiving a phone call from the customer. Together with the client, it was decided that an access control system was the best course of action. Community Commercial Security installed a card system that could be controlled remotely (even from the owner’s home!). Instead of traditional keys, employees now have cards that allow them access to certain places on certain days and times. This system makes increasing or revoking access privileges very quick and simple, and it can all be done from any device with an Internet connection. This solution was exactly what the customer needed, as it bolstered their security system by simplifying it.

Results and Benefits

Community Commercial Security prides itself on being reputable, dependable, and mindful of our customers and their goals and needs. We are fully licensed and have over 35 years of experience in the industry. One of our commitments is to be accessible to our customers—no matter what time of day. That’s why we have a dedicated technician on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the time since we installed the access system, the retail client has saved tremendous amounts of money by not having to rekey locks or track who has what key. In addition, the owner no longer has to spend time making sure that all of the managers and supervisors have access to their respective areas. The access control system gave them complete control over who can—or can’t—get into the facility and its many components. The enhanced system has allowed them to get a better grasp on their employees’ comings and goings, allowing them to save money.

In addition, the employees (particularly the managers and supervisors, who before carried a key ring bogged down with many, many keys) have noted that they feel more empowered in their jobs, knowing that their keys aren’t going to fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, the confusion about which key goes to which door has been eliminated, helping employees to be more focused on their job duties.

Community Commercial Security was able to help this company enhance their security by giving them back the control. Their employees feel more productive, which has raised employee morale. Their system has been simplified, which decreases any confusion about who should have access to certain areas. Overall, the owner reports that they are saving money and have happier employees!

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