Why you should have a CCTV Security System at your Orange County Office

Does your business need more security? Are you struggling with which type of security system in which to invest? Community Commercial Security is here to help you with all of your security needs. We know that the process can be overwhelming. Which one is best? Which is the most cost effective? Do you even need one? With over 35 years of experience in Orange County, CA — we can tell you without a doubt that a video surveillance system (CCTV) is a solid investment for your Yorba Linda, Brea, or Irvine office. 

Why video surveillance?

Time and again, CCTV has been proven to prevent vandalism, lower the incidence of internal theft, and increase workplace safety. We offer basic, one to sixteen camera systems all the way up to complex, multiple camera systems. Our years of experience and advanced equipment allow us to determine exactly what you need while staying within your budget.

Our customers have enjoyed the following benefits from CCTV:

  • Increased deterrent: once thieves realize that your office is equipped with a CCTV security system, they undoubtedly will choose to go somewhere else.
  • Safer environment for employees: when employees know they’re being watched, they are more likely to adhere to health and safety procedures.
  • Reduced theft: if shoplifters think they’re going to get caught, they are very unlikely to steal from your business.
  • Ability to prosecute: CCTV security systems make it easier to target and prosecute thieves, as you will have all the proof you need on camera.
  • Ability to defend: CCTV makes it possible for you to defend yourself should a fraudulent claim be filed against you.
  • Monitor from afar: keep watch over your business when you aren’t there via an iPhone, laptop, iPad, etc.).
  • Sense of security: take a vacation or relax over the weekend knowing that your business is safe and secure.
  • Sense of control: CCTV systems have the functionality to alert you to any suspicious activity (via text or email), allowing you to see what’s happening and call the police before a crime occurs.
  • Protection of staff: prevent assaults and false claims against your staff (ideal for schools and hospitals).
  • Protect the bottom line: track and report crimes due to internal theft or shrinkage

If you feel that CCTV would be beneficial for your Brea, Yorba Linda, or Irvine office, please give us a call at (714) 777-6132 today!

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