CCTV Installation in Irvine, California

The Challenge

The owner of an industrial manufacturing company in Irvine, California found himself in desperate need of video surveillance for his office and warehouse. He was worried about shrinkage of the valuable electronic gear used in medical devices, amongst other things. He was tired of losing money on the loss of these devices. Furthermore, he knew the loss was preventable.

The Solution

The owner knew that the only solution to his problem was to obtain a video or CCTV surveillance system installation. Having heard of our reputation in the commercial security industry, he gave Community Commercial Security a call. We were able to step in and give the customer control over his facility once again. Within days, we had a technician on site to inspect the building, gather information, make suggestions, and discuss installation options. In addition, we were mindful of his goals and budget during the entire process. We were able to design a surveillance system that was tailored to the customer’s unique needs, paying special attention to his problem areas (the area of his warehouse that stores the electronic medical device gear) and anywhere else we saw a potential weakness or opportunity for shrinkage.

Results and Benefits

Though the project is complete, Community Commercial Security still keeps communication with the customer ongoing and open. We provide weekly and monthly updates about his system and how it has benefited him by reducing shrinkage. We also make suggestions where security can be enhanced or improved.

In the months since the installation, the customer has seen a marked decline in the loss of his valuable medical devices, a savings that over time will exceed what he invested in the CCTV system.

Moreover, he has seen a decline in the misplacement or loss of other articles and devices important to his company, some of which he had no idea were going missing each month.

In addition, the employees at the warehouse report feeling safer and more secure while at work. They know that the cameras are there to protect them and their jobs. As such, morale and productivity are up in general.

Overall, this industrial manufacturing company’s experience with Community Commercial Security was one that has supplied many benefits to them. They are saving money by reducing shrinkage, focusing on new areas of shrinkage in their warehouse, and increasing employee morale, all of which lead to one thing: a higher bottom line.

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