Case Study – Crittenton Services

Boosting Security and Saving Money for Crittenton Services

 The Challenge:

Every organization managing security across multiple locations and monitoring hundreds of employees will experience a fair amount of change on an ongoing basis. Whether privileges change or new hires or employees move on, any responsible company will do its best to ensure maximum security. For example, Crittenton Services found themselves spending excessive amounts of money on rekeying locks and thousands of dollars every year when employees changed positions or security privileges changed. As a non-profit organization dedicated to housing and helping women and children who need stability, Crittenton Services lacked the ability to control who had access to certain areas by time of day or day of week, and they did not have an audit trail of who was going where and when. Crittenton Services was in desperate need of a security boost.

The Solution:

Community Commercial Security was called in and offered several suggestions. Upon inspecting each facility, it was noted that—due to the existing construction—Crittenton’s best option was to install a wireless access system. This suggestion allowed less impact on the structure and minimal repairs were needed, saving Crittenton thousands of dollars. Community Commercial Security recommended a card system that could be controlled remotely: Instead of keys, employees would have individual cards to access certain places on certain days and times. With this card system, privileges could be changed or deleted as needed—and all from any device with an Internet connection.

Community Commercial Security installed a wireless Schlage Electronics Access System, wireless Alarm Lock Access System, SecuraKey Access system, HID Card Readers, and cameras for extra security. Going wireless saved Crittenton Services costs on installing and reinstalling conduit and any necessary future repairs. Plus, the wireless access system could be controlled from any computer, in any location, at any time.

Results and Benefits:

In the weeks since installing the wireless access system, Crittenton Services has experienced immense savings in not having to rekey locks or change passcodes. In addition, their enhanced security features have offered them complete control over their facilities. They can program the cards to work for certain people on certain days and at certain times. Now that the access system is web-based, they can track who is going where—and when they are going. The solutions provided by Community Commercial Security has helped them to get a better grasp on employee activities, thus saving them money.

“Our employees now feel safer with our new access system. The addition of cameras not only provides peace of mind, but adds a physical presence and deterrence. And the online system makes monitoring multiple facilities so simple and so effective.”

–Facilities Manager, Crittenton Services

Overall, Crittenton’s experience with Community Commercial Security was one that brought them and their employees confidence in their personal wellbeing, saved (and will continue to save) them ample amounts of money, helped to streamline security management, and gave them control over their many facilities across Southern California.

Community Commercial Security is a reputable and licensed commercial security company located in Yorba Linda and serving Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.  Community Commercial Security is focused on customer satisfaction and a commitment to accessible customer service, backed by our on-call service technician—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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