Bulk Up for Black Friday Security

Black Friday
Increased Sales Calls for Increased Black Friday Security

Thanksgiving is today! Which means the after-turkey madness is quickly approaching. It’s called Black Friday, but some shoppers don’t even have to wait until the early hours of Friday morning to cash in on door-buster deals and low-priced savings for holiday gifts.

Last year 92 million people shopped on Black Friday. It’s a huge day for retailers, but can also be a total nightmare. From shoppers trampling over each other and fighting over toys at checkout, Black Friday has seen it all.

In 2008, a Walmart employee was trampled to death in New York on Black Friday and a shooting at Toys R Us left two men dead in California.

With these high profile incidents, retailers around the country are on high security alert this year. The hope is for a fun, safe environment for everyone. It is the holidays after all!

Whether you’re a retailer or a shopper this year, check out these safety tips and suggestions to make sure Black Friday is a success.

1. Train sales clerks. Many retailers begin specialized training for their employees prior to the big day. This includes instruction on crowd management. Dry runs are a great idea to make sure directions are clear and understood and possible scenarios are rehearsed.

2. Double-up on security. The masses of people require more security personnel than normal. Increasing employees within the store raises awareness and helps catch problems before they escalate.

3. Leverage local law enforcement. At many stores like Best Buy, shoppers line up days before Black Friday. Enlisting the help of local officials is always beneficial to keep peace and order among shoppers.

4. Create an easy shopping experience. To battle the crowds, help shoppers maneuver around the store easily. Create pathways on the floor to direct shoppers to popular gifts or pass out numbered tickets or wristbands to people in line before the store opens. Before Black Friday, include a map of your store online.

Interested in more security tips during this busy season?  Contact us today. Happy shopping!

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