Best Security Camera Placement

Modern security cam and retro tv isolated on whiteBest Security Camera Placement

Your surveillance system protects you and your business. It’s an important part of how you conduct your day-to-day business, and at Community Commercial Security we want to make sure that your surveillance system is doing the best it can at protecting you. This includes making sure your security cameras are in the proper places.

There are a few specific locations around your business that you should have covered with security cameras:

  • Entrances and exits: Where your clients and employees enter and leave each day is one of the most important places to have covered with a camera. It’s your best chance at catching the face of someone if they decide to steal from you. In order to make sure the entrance and exit are covered, make sure your camera is set up to cover an area about three feet wide. Make sure your camera is equipped to adjust to light, because when recording an exterior door, the change in light might only give you a silhouette of whoever enters. TV monitors near the entrance can help as well, seeing as people’s eyes naturally look at the monitor and you’ll capture a clearer image.
  • Transaction points: Anywhere that the customer goes through a transaction—cash registers, teller stations, kiosks, entrances and exits—all qualify as spots that should be covered with a camera. This can help keep an eye on the money that’s being transferred. Keep the cameras about 7 feet high to catch the money exchanges and faces.
  • Targets: Any place that could be a potential target for a thief, like safes, jewelry, or filing cabinets. Make sure the cameras around these areas are mounted high so as to see into the cabinets and drawers so you can keep an eye on what is there and when it was there.
  • Secluded areas: Parking lots or back alleys are a good place to keep cameras. It can help monitor any activity outside your business that might be vandalized. Keep these cameras in plain sight, so as to deter any vandals that might see them.

Community Commercial Security wants to keep your business secure. We will help you place your cameras so that all the target points are covered. For a free risk assessment contact us or call (714) 777-6132.

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