Access Control in Hospitals

electronic security system being activated

Access Control in Hospitals

Though it may not appear that way, access control is an important part of everyday activity in hospitals. Whether it’s for patient security, information security, or employee security, access control is imperative for all hospitals.

As it stands, the majority of the access control systems in North American hospitals are over a decade old. Not only is the technology outdated, but it’s not as user friendly. Most are looking for an upgrade that will not only increase their security, but keep the security organized.

Access control monitors, restricts, and controls how people and vehicles can move around the hospital. It’s essential to protect your business. The access control is usually made up of three component parts:

  • Physical barrier: Access control can restrict a person’s access to a building or location. If there’s a room or building that’s more confidential than the rest, you’re able to control exactly who has access to this building.
  • Identification device: The identification device is what you and your employees will use to gain access to buildings or rooms with high security. This identification device could, for example, be a card that needs to be swiped in order for access to be granted.
  • Door controller: The final part of access control is the controller itself. The machine on the door that can verify access cards and lock or unlock the door is the main piece of technology that will control your security.

With all these pieces of access control implemented in your hospital or business, you’re able to monitor who enters and exits the high-security places. This can help ensure your customers or patients that they are safe and their information is secure. This can also help you see exactly who has been where if something goes missing.

The access control systems offered at Community Commercial Security are professional, technically proficient, and complies with all California policies. If you have any questions or want to set up an access control system, contact us or call (714) 777-6132 for a free risk assessment.

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