Access Control for Business Security

Keycard and electronic lockAccess Control for Business Security

It’s no secret that access control for your business is a great way to know who is entering and exiting your business at all times. There are a few types of access control though, and some are more effective than others.

Photo ID
Photo identification is basic and certainly not the most error-proof, but helps with initial protection. It’s as easy as it sounds: if they don’t have an employee identification card (provided by you), then they aren’t allowed into any employee-restricted zones. It also helps other employees determine who does and doesn’t work there if they’re new to the company. This photo identification should also have some sort of magnetic strip on it for members to swipe for access to certain restricted zones.

Proximity Card
More contemporarily, clamshell ID cards are becoming more popular. This is when the ID card is used separately with the photo ID. This includes proximity sensors in one ID and the photo on another. The combination of the two can confirm that the employee is who they say they are. The only issue with proximity cards is that they need to be tested often to make sure the proximity is correct.

Visitors need adequate protection as well. While a sticker works some of the time, there are often employees who aren’t comfortable letting someone in if they only have a sticker. Temporary card access is a technology that works well with visitors. It limits them to only certain door access and only temporarily. After a certain amount of time, the card is void and expires so they don’t have constant access to secure parts of the building.

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