7 Holiday Security Tips

Cappuccino with hat and key on wwoden table.7 Holiday Security Tips

Will you be out of town this holiday, visiting family or escaping the cold weather? If so, don’t forget to put in place some safety protocols. Nothing kills holiday cheer like a ransacked house.

Criminals notice empty homes and busy families, so before you hurry out of the house with present-packed suitcases, make sure you have your safety bases covered.

Tell your apartment manager your travel plans. Having someone on the lookout is always helpful. Your apartment manager can be extra careful when looking for suspicious behavior at your home.

Lock up key items. Be extra cautious and invest in a safe this holiday. Consider it an early present. Before you leave put all valuables, like jewelry and other precious items, in the safe.

Install light timers. There’s nothing more telling that you are not home than a dark house all night. Timed liters give off the impression you are home and robbers will bypass your home as a possible break-in option.

Park in a safe place. If you do not have a garage or monitored parking lot, move your car to a safe spot while you are out of town. If your car remains unmoved for a few days, this will send the wrong signal to criminals.

Unplug electronics. Even if a computer or television isn’t on, it still uses power while plugged in. Before you leave, unplug all unnecessary electronics to save money. And make sure the heat is turned off to avoid increasing your energy bill while away.

Move the spare key. There is no need for a spare key while you are on vacation. Move it inside so it does not fall into the hands of the wrong person.

Be mindful of social media posts. If you are spending the holidays in Hawaii, of course you want everyone to see your poolside lounging while they are shoveling snow. But be careful. If anyone can see your social media posts, this will announce to criminals too that you are not home and your home is prime for burglary.

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