6 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home

Lit Up for Christmas6 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home

Home is a place of comfort during the holidays, with the smells of cookies and spices, and the glowing lights of the tree and ornaments. Don’t let thieves steal your holiday cheer. Protect your home by following these six important tips.

1. Don’t post holiday vacation details online. You may want everyone to know about your upcoming Hawaii or New York, but don’t do it online. This is the surest way to alert potential thieves that your home will be a prime target. Keep vacation plans on the down low to prevent any shady behavior while you’re gone.

2. Hide gifts and valuables from view. A decorated Christmas tree in the window is a picturesque sight, but also increases the chance of someone breaking into the house to steal the gifts under the tree. Don’t tempt the thief and keep all presents hidden from windows.

3. Put outdoor lights on a timer. A thief can learn your habits quickly if you manually turn off the lights when you go to bed or leave the house. A timer keeps lighting consistent so a thief can’t predict if you’re home or not.

4. Install a home security system. The surest way to keep your home safe is a reliable home security system. The right system will detect break-in and unwanted entries as soon as they happen. Keep all doors and windows locked to keep out unwanted visitors.

5. Ask for help. If you go out of town for the holidays have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up the mail and newspaper. A collection of mail or newspapers outside is a glaring sign to any thief that you’re not home.

6. Be mindful of your trash. Once you open that wonderful gift, don’t just discard the box outside. That TV box tells a thief there is a brand new big screen inside. Break down boxes and try to fit them inside the trashcan.

Community Commercial Security wants your holiday season to be filled with joy, not fear. Call us today at 714-777-6132 for a free risk assessment or to see what security system would be best for your home. We want to make sure your home is safe this December.

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