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Got Shrinkage?

Avoid shrinkage with the right security strategy and implementation.

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CCS installs and maintains the finest security products on the market.

For Over 20 Years...

Community Commercial Security has been serving Southern California's most recognizable companies.

Business Security

Are you rekeying your facility every time an employee leaves?

Unreliable Hardware

Does your security hardware require constant maintenance and repair?

Video Surveillance

Are you protecting your assets and deterring future occurrences?

Access Control

Does your facility need variable security for multiple visitors/ people/ classifications?

Community Commercial Security serves each client with one goal in mind: To provide peace of mind, optimum technology, and responsive service in the design, installation, and maintenance of their commercial security system. Our team of dedicated technicians works to ensure every facility is equipped to capture, and in some ways prevent, all types of infractions by utilizing the latest in commercial locksmith services. In Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County securing your facility—no matter the size—is a necessary investment in keeping your employees safe and accountable, your area monitored, and your assets protected. We install and maintain the latest in keypad door locks, access control, CCTV and video surveillance.

Since 1994, Community Commercial Security has worked to secure facilities from medical buildings and commercial spaces to industrial parks and food manufacturing plants. For more information on our business alarm systems, please call us today at 714.777.6132.